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How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Are Pregnant

Sharing your pregnancy news with loved ones can seem frightening. You may worry about their reaction or question how you’ll move forward.

Other women have experienced this situation. Though the journey isn’t always easy, know that you are in control of your pregnancy and have support.

Preparing for a Conversation

First, know you don’t have to share your news with your partner or family if they are abusive. Your safety is the top priority, and telling them about your pregnancy could increase the danger. Connect with the National Domestic Violence Hotline for 24/7 support.

If you feel comfortable telling loved ones, do so in a safe and comfortable environment. Choose a time and place when they can provide their undivided attention. You may not receive the reaction you’d hoped for, especially if they are shocked, worried, or angry.

Allow them the space to process the news and begin an open dialogue to determine the level of support they’ll provide. 

You might find that your partner wants to be involved in decision-making or that your parents can provide emotional or material guidance.

Or they may be unsupportive. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of your behavior or choices; they may feel overwhelmed. Feeling disappointed is valid, but know this doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Ava Health Can Help

Ava Health helps patients with unexpected pregnancies access the information and resources they deserve. We don’t provide or refer for abortions, but we will educate you on your options in a compassionate, confidential environment.

Our licensed medical team provides no-cost, medical-grade pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds with a positive result, and options consultations. Our professionals offer patient-centered care focused on your unique situation. 

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