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How Can I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

If your friend has an unexpected pregnancy, know that you can’t “fix” the situation she is experiencing. However, you can offer practical support and reinforce that she can count on you.

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if your friend needs to weigh her options. Take care of yourself during this time to avoid burnout, and consider the following advice:

1. Listen to Her

Offering a listening ear is an excellent way to ensure your friend feels supported. She doesn’t need you to make a pregnancy decision on her behalf, but allowing her to vent and share her thoughts can make all the difference.

Ask her what you can do to be supportive. She may not know immediately, and that’s okay. Remind her that you’re there when she feels comfortable asking for help.

2. Complete Errands

Even simple tasks like taking out the trash or grocery shopping can feel insurmountable when stressed or anxious. Determine how you can offer your friend practical support, and be consistent. Whether that looks like running to the store each week or helping to clean her home as the pregnancy fatigue sets in, no task is too insignificant for your friend.

If she feels comfortable, your friend may want you to attend appointments with her to offer extra assistance. Don’t pressure her to make a specific pregnancy decision; provide your presence and love. 

3. Reiterate Your Friendship

Your friend likely doesn’t want to be coddled or treated with extreme sympathy. Empathize with her situation, but understand that your friendship matters more than ever. She may need a reminder that you’re there for her amidst any upheaval. 

Continue the activities you previously did together. Visit her favorite restaurant, watch a movie, and discuss subjects that differ from her pregnancy news. Remind her that life does continue, and you’ll be waiting if she needs space or time to process.

Ava Health is Here to Help

When your friend needs compassionate, trustworthy care, Ava Health is here for her. We offer various no-cost, confidential services, including limited first and second-trimester ultrasounds and consultations. Limited ultrasounds may be provided after positive pregnancy testing.

Our experienced advocates are ready to help your friend through her unexpected pregnancy. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling appointments.

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