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How to Navigate the Holidays with an Unexpected Pregnancy

While the holidays are often full of joy and excitement, they can hold challenges. If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you may wonder how to navigate this time. 

You’re undoubtedly worried about uncomfortable conversations, questioning remarks, and more. Have a clear stance on your boundaries. This is your pregnancy, and you don’t need to engage in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Ava Health is here with our no-cost, confidential services if you’re learning your options or interested in determining key pregnancy details. 

Learn more below about ways you can help yourself during the holiday season. 

  1. Establish Firm Boundaries

Perhaps you’ve told only close friends and family about your pregnancy, or you are waiting for when the time feels right. Regardless, know you don’t need to answer any unexpected questions. 

If your elderly relative, for example, wants to know your pregnancy decision or is interested in what you’ll do moving forward, politely transition to a new topic of conversation. Mentioning your discomfort is also perfectly acceptable; you are not obligated to share further news.

  1. Create a Strong Support System

Everyone has that friend or relative they don’t necessarily get along with. It can be helpful to approach the holidays with trusted support persons. While these loved ones can’t “fix” your situation, they can introduce new conversations at the dinner table and listen when needed.

You may face judgment or disappointment if you’ve already shared your pregnancy news. Often, loved ones will project their feelings onto your pregnancy situation. They may worry about your future or well-being. While these concerns are well-intentioned, kindly reiterate that you’ll ask for help if and when appropriate.

  1. Set Up Steps To Success

Making a pregnancy decision during the holidays can be difficult, especially with the added stress of the season. Set yourself up for success by protecting your health and scheduling valuable medical services ahead of time.

Regardless of your pregnancy decision, you should take several steps beforehand. Ava Health offers transvaginal and abdominal limited ultrasounds available after positive pregnancy testing. 

This scan is performed by a registered nurse with sonography training and verifies key details like viability, gestational age, and location. You need these details to make a pregnancy decision and identify conditions like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy that require medical treatment.

Our licensed medical team also offers screenings to discuss your pregnancy options in a compassionate, judgment-free environment.

Here for You During the Holidays

Ava Health offers professional medical services that place you at the center. Whether you’re seeking information about your pregnancy or wish to speak with someone during the holidays, we’re here for you.

We also offer telehealth appointments and consultations with a registered nurse. You’ll receive trustworthy care when you need it most.
Contact us today to request a no-cost, confidential appointment.

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