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How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

You’ve just learned you’re pregnant and likely wondering where to begin. An unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming, and you might be worried about how you can tell your parents this news. How will they react? Will learning this information damage your relationship?

Remind yourself that this is your pregnancy and your decision. No one gets to decide for you, and you choose when and how to tell others, including loved ones. 

When and Where is Best?

First, you’ll want to consider when you’d like to tell your parents this news. Choose a time when they can give you their full attention and aren’t preoccupied with work or other obligations. You deserve to tell them when the focus is on your news. 

You’ll also need to think about an appropriate location. If you live with them, would sharing the news at home be best? Choose a place where you feel comfortable and supported. If you don’t feel home would be a suitable space, consider telling them in a relaxed location such as a park, cafe, or favorite venue. 

Should I Have Someone With Me? 

Think about your comfort level. Would you like moral support as you tell your parents this news? Sometimes, asking a loved one or friend to be with you can provide the comfort and confidence you require. 

Consider what you want to share with your parents. What information are you comfortable disclosing? Remember, you can share as much or as little as you wish. The priority is that you feel safe and at ease. 

Give Them Space to Process

When you share your news, your parents might react in various ways. They may appear shocked or even angry. An unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming to them, so give your parents the time and space they need to process this news. They are likely worried about your well-being or wondering which pregnancy option you will choose. Try not to take their initial reaction personally, and be sure to make time for yourself to unwind and destress.

Telling your parents is a big first step, but remember that this is your life and story. You have resources and support available to help you navigate this time. 

Considerate, Compassionate Care at Ava Health

Pregnancy is a big deal, and you may need some extra support. Ava Health is here with compassionate pregnancy services for patients. Our licensed medical team will help you find a way forward. 
We’re prepared to answer your questions in a safe, confidential environment. Schedule a no-cost appointment today to learn more. You matter to us.

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